Pre-Divorce Services

  • Educate clients about the options, process, and financial aspects of divorce

  • Help locate and organize all necessary documents

  • Prepare budgets and Statement of Net Worth (the Financial Affidavit)

  • Learn about all of the financial pitfalls to avoid during the negotiation process

In the Process of Divorcing

  • Review and analyze all financial documents and insurance policies

  • Prepare you for meetings with your lawyer or mediator 

  • Establish goals for children’s college tuition

Post Divorce

  • Review and assist with updating legal documents i.e. Wills, POA, Health Care Proxy

  • Evaluate and update monthly budget

  • Create a system for paying bills

  • Interview and hire new advisors including financial and insurance professionals

  • Review and obtain medical, life, home, auto and long term care insurance

  • Review your credit score and report and learn how to improve your credit rating

  • Supervise transfer of assets