Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of working with a CDFA®?  
Hiring a CDFA® will help you prepare financially, and level the playing field in negotiations. You will benefit by having increased confidence and clarity by understanding the process. This will enable you to make better choices from a position of knowledge versus fear and confusion.

2. Do your CDFA® services replace my attorney or mediator's services?
No, my services are used to support your attorney or mediator. I specialize in educating my clients on the divorce process and preparing a complete and accurate monthly budget and the Statement of Net Worth.  These essential documents form the basis for discussions between you, your attorney and your spouse and his attorney.  

The budget and Statement of Net Worth represent a financial picture of your marriage and are used for negotiating your Settlement Agreement.  The information needs to be complete and as accurate as possible.

3. Why can't my attorney  prepare these documents? 
They can, but wouldn't you rather have a financial expert prepare the documents that will be used to negotiate the financial aspect of the divorce? I will get in the weeds with my five page budget to ensure that all of your expenses are included. The details of taxes, insurance, and transfer of assets will be handled and not left to chance.

4.  How do you charge for your Divorce Financial Consultant services?
I offer a 30-minute free phone consultation to learn about your situation and answer questions. Then you decide if you would like to work with me. I charge an hourly rate.  A retainer is required to begin the process and statements are sent monthly.

Ilene Amiel is NOT a CPA or an attorney.  
She does not provide tax or legal advice.